Top Birthday Party Themes That Kids Will Love

Birthday parties are more than just celebrating a milestone. They also help kids connect with their peers and even boost their self-confidence.

So, when your child’s birthday rolls around, it makes sense that you’d want to give them a party full of memories they’ll cherish forever. And throwing an unforgettable birthday bash starts with picking the best theme.

Do you need some inspiration? Keep reading to discover the top birthday party themes both boys and girls are sure to love.

Video Games

It’s no secret that video games are popular. In fact, the average child aged 5-8 plays video games for 42 minutes every day!

So, why not host a video-game themed birthday? Just use your child’s favorite game to inspire the decorations and food options.

To take this to the next level, consider renting a mobile video game truck!


Who doesn’t love a day at the circus? You can create an amazing party by bringing the circus to your home!

Consider serving some classic circus food, like hotdogs, cotton candy, and caramel corn. You can also serve healthier options, such as peanuts or sandwiches shaped like animals.

Some classic birthday entertainment, like pin the tail on the donkey and a birthday clown, can complete the perfect circus party.


If your child loves the great outdoors (and their birthday is during the warmer months), you can’t go wrong having a camping-themed party!

Start by setting up a bunch of tents in your backyard. If your child is older, you can also have everyone work together to set up their own tents.

Spend the day doing camping-related activities, like having a nature scavenger hunt. At night, set up a backyard fire pit to make s’mores and tell ghost stories!


Kids love to get messy. So, let them cut loose by having an art-themed party!

You can set up easels for finger painting or get a large bucket of sidewalk chalk.

For something truly unique, consider creating messy Twister. Just mix food coloring with shaving cream. Then put giant dollops of colored shaving cream on the circles of a Twister mat and watch as the kids have a blast getting messy!

Just make sure you warn parents ahead of time. This way, they can give their kids an extra change of clothes.

Wild West

The wild west has been a popular theme for years, and it’s not going anywhere!

Consider serving food that will bring the theme to life, like hotdogs, pinwheels, and horseshoe-shaped cookies. If you’re having an outdoor party, you can even use hay bales as chairs.

A few squirt guns and stick horses can go a long way to entertain younger kids. For older kids, you may want to rent a pony or an inflatable mechanical bull.

Best Birthday Party Themes for Kids

Don’t throw the same old birthday party every kid has! Instead, follow our guide to birthday party themes in order to host a unique and unforgettable birthday bash. 

Does your child love the idea of a video-game themed party? Then contact us today to learn more about our mobile video game and laser tag trucks.

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