Ready Player One And Two?: How To Plan An Unforgettable Video Game Wedding

Think video games are only for young boys? Think again! Young boys are the biggest group of game players. But a surprisingly diverse group of people love playing video games.

In the group that plays video games, women ages 30-49 make up 48% of the players.  

For engaged couples who love to play games together, why not plan an unforgettable video game wedding?

This is your celebration of love, so don’t be afraid to do it your way!

The Ring

Start with the ring. Don’t get a diamond engagement ring like everyone else. Do something different with a ring reflecting your favorite game. 

Some games are easier than others when it comes to the ring design. But don’t be afraid to get creative. 

The Invitations

You and your sweetheart can have lots of fun with the wedding invitations. Stage a photo shoot with game-themed scenery in the background. Then make your own invitations online

Got a bunch of old gaming cartridges you never use? Make them into wedding invitations. 

Don’t Forget the Bouquets and Boutonnieres

Coordinate colors in your bouquets and boutonnieres with your favorite game. Think outside the box. You don’t have to use real flowers. 

Design an interesting paper bouquet. Use felt cutouts and quilt the boutonnieres.  

Coordinate Music

Depending on what your favorite game is, you might not want the music. But if the game soundtrack is one you love, go for it!

From the processional music to the first dance, use your favorite video game soundtracks. 

Make a Grand Entrance

Does your favorite video game include speed boats? Get married on a lake near the dock. 

Watch as the guests’ jaws drop when the bride and groom enter via speedboat with music playing. 

Customize the Gowns

This part is so much fun for the video game-playing bride. Is her favorite video game Kingdom Hearts? Dress up your bridesmaids in Disney princess outfits.

The bride can wear a beautiful white lace dress with a heart-shaped neckline. Add custom-made jewelry for the perfect touch.  

Video Game-Themed Reception

The reception is the place to go wild. Use video game-themed centerpieces. Design your own photo guest book with video game touches.

Bring in a game chamber for your guests to play. 

Add wall hangings and wall art that reflect your theme. You can even build three-dimensional cardboard cutouts of your favorite game characters. 

Serve soda in bottles with video game labels designed especially for your wedding.

And then there’s the cake…

The Cake

The cake is another place to let your video game wedding shine! Bakers are talented people. Are you stumped about what to do for the cake?

Show your baker a few clips from your favorite video game. She’ll come up with the perfect idea. 

Enjoy the Perfect Video Game Wedding

Let your imagination run wild and create the nuptials of your dream with a video game wedding theme. 

Delight your guests from the moment you enter until it’s time to cut that fantastic cake. 

Your guests will love the idea and you’ll remember your special day forever!

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